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Why Is Quartz Preferred Over Granite?

Not everybody prefers quartz over granite, but it has been rising in popularity as the new high-end, luxury countertop. There are a good handful of advantages over granite that have more and more people preferring it over granite. The first reason is that quality quartz countertops come in a much wider variety of looks than granite does. Granite must be mined and then made into countertops from that mined stone. That means you’re limited to the options naturally found out there. And as a result, that speckled granite look has faded from the main light over time as designers and home buyers have swung over to the light and bright kitchens. Quartz, because it is a man-made countertop, can come in a wide variety of looks and styles.

Because of this, light and bright countertops are usually easy to procure, keeping your kitchen stylish and clean. The other big advantage that quartz has over granite is that it is virtually maintenance-free. Quartz is a harder stone, resistant to scratches and chips. It also is non-porous, meaning it never requires resealing like granite does. Quartz won’t absorb liquids easily and, as a result, is also stain resistant. And, even better, quartz requires nothing more for cleaning than mixing a little water with a few drops of dish soap.