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Do Home Buyers Prefer Granite Or Quartz?

It depends on the market you’re in. In general, both are considered good countertops that are superior to cheaper alternatives, like laminate. Historically, granite was the more popular of the two. Because of the demand for it, costs associated with its manufacturing and installation fell as advancements were made in the industry. As a result, it became quite common to see granite countertops as standard in many of the middle-class tract homes being built. As a result, many people know and love granite today. However, it has also lost some of its luxury appeal as it became more common. Quartz has since moved into a more premium, luxury countertop. This is not only because it typically costs a few more dollars per square foot, but also because of the variety of styles and colors you can get it in. Because quartz is a manufactured stone, it can come in almost any color desirable (whereas granite is limited to naturally occurring options). This coupled with the durability, ease of maintenance, and non-porous nature of quartz has it on the rise in home buyer’s eyes.